the concept is simple

Our products are tied to a community for as long as they are sold. The community will inspire the product design, make the products and they will be the sole recipients of the funds raised from the sales.


Each project will have a fundraising goal. We are architects, so every project will respond to the communities’ construction needs. Since this particular project is a build, let's say it's a certain amount of bricks needed to be raised. Every product we sell will count towards this fundraising goal.


Each product is tied to the community for its lifetime. So when we start a new project, it will be with an entirely new line of products – based on the culture of this new community.


OUR first project

While traveling in Ecuador we were awestruck by the beautiful scenery and rich culture of the country.  It seriously is a special place.  Where else can you be at 21,000' at the top of an active volcano, be in the middle of the dense amazonian rainforest, and surf at some of the best beaches in the world all in one day (okay that is a long day, but who isn't up for a challenge).  We were truly inspired by the culture and lifestyle of the Andean Highlands and decided that is the perfect location for our first project.  Did we mention that Quito is a perfect 75 degrees and sunny almost everyday of the year.  If you were not sold before, you are now. 

We fell in love with the rich colors and textures of the local fabric, which inspired us to design a backpack to help raise the funds for this first build. The backpack reflects the lifestyle of the community, highlighted by using the vibrant Andean fabrics found throughout the Andean Highlands.