Our Story


We have done numerous volunteer builds between the two of us.  After our most recent trip to Zambia in the summer of 2015 we made a decision that we wanted to modify the traditional approach to how volunteer projects are funded.  Upon our return to New York City we started working together on the design of our first project.  Really, we just want to do our small part of using our strengths to do good in the world and have fun doing it.  


who we are

We both live in the dense urban world of New York City, but we take advantage of every opportunity to get out and explore the world around us.  Wether that is going out for a day hike upstate, or checking off another bucket list location on the map, we believe the way to live life is through experiences and exploration.  We are travelers, architects (or as we like to say problem solvers), adventure seekers, urban commuters, and above all dreamers.  Project Latitude is our solution on how to best use our combined skills and passions for the greater good.  


OUR mission

Our mission is simple - to get as many people to explore this amazing world we live in and to do it through volunteer build projects.  We want everyone to know the feeling of helping others out and to learn from experiences that a person cannot get from anything but delving deep into a culture different than their own.  Project 00 is what we hope to be the beginning of something big, projects all over the world that are both supported and built by people like you.